Thursday, 18 September 2014

JASON MOMOA Is AQUAMAN in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Aquaman will also be playing a role alongside his Justice League team members, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).  Aquaman plays a pivotal role as part of the Justice League in the DC Comics universe and will bring his Atlantean strength and vigour to the movie.

For a while, as with the Batman casting, tons of names were thrown around until finally actor, Jason Momoa was chosen for the role of the underwater king. Momoa was previously known for his work on TV shows including, Baywatch, Stargate: Atlantis, North Shore and Game of Thrones, finally made his big screen career leap with 2010's Conan the Barbarian as the lead character no less.

Momoa is physically apt to take on the role of Aquaman / Arthur Curry and with his tanned good looks, acting experience and on screen presence, I don't think fans will have any issue with this casting as with some of the others probably due in part to Momoa's supporting role in the huge extravangza known as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

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